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Kano chieftaincy title conferred on Korede Bello – Kannywood movie producer reacts

Renowned Kannywood film producer, Falalu Dorayi, has kicked against the conferment of the chieftaincy title of ‘’Sarkin Waka’’ on Southern musician Ko… More >

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Omotiger: thats hate speech.
hismajesty1977: find out why such eminent title was given to him, before you criticized
Fmstereo83: bad belle

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Between Paul Okoye's wife and Peter Okoye's wife, who is more beautiful???

Well, I know the airwaves are filled with tales of P-Square’s new rift, and the only information fans are listening to hear is the cause of the new ri… More >

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Mr. Eazi finally admits he never earned $6000 as an engineer in Schlumberger

Nigerian singer Mr. Eazi, who claimed to have resigned from a $6,000 (approximately N2M) job, is now stating otherwise, as he says he never earned … More >

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P-Square’s new beef confirmed, as they cancel upcoming America Tour

Reports of a new rift between the P-Square brothers have been in the mouths of fans recently, as a few factors point to the fact that the duo may … More >

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